Our Services


Oral Habit Cessation Programs

We offer an affordable, positive habit elimination for adults and children. Programs are available for pacifiers, finger sucking, tongue sucking, lip licking, nail biting, and more! Most patients discontinue the habit in a week or less.


Tongue Thrust Therapy

We re-educate the orofacial muscles to use a proper chewing & swallowing pattern. We’ll break everything down into smaller steps, so it’s (literally) easier to digest.


Resolve Lip Incompetence, Improve Lip Seal, & Promote Nasal Breathing

Our patients learn the importance of eliminating mouth breathing and strive to become nasal breathers.

With therapy, we often see that the lips become stronger and closed at rest, without strain.

For those with a drooling habit, we focus on general awareness as well as lip closure, cheek strength, and proper swallowing for saliva management.


Retrain Tongue Rest Posture

Orofacial myologists realize that tongue rest position is key to good speech, a proper swallow, and orthodontic success.  We provide gentle reminders, activities, and exercises to solidify a proper tongue rest position.

Address Clenching & Grinding

We’ll train you to restore the proper vertical space (freeway space) between your upper and lower jaw. We’ll also help you to correct muscle imbalances & dysfunctional muscle use in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) related to those parafunctional habits, like bruxism/clenching/grinding.


Provide Pre- & Post-Surgical Care

We provide exercises and stretches prior to & following the release of restricted lingual frenum (tongue tie) in an effort to prevent scar tissue and reattachment that could affect the tongue mobility and function.

We can also help to maximize the results of orthognathic (jaw) surgery and reduce your chances of relapse with post-operative exercises, stretches, and stimulation.

We’ll be offering new services, including lactation consulting, craniosacral therapy, Tummy Time, and infant massage soon!